Five Apps That Will Enhance Your Instagram Presence

Five Apps That Will Enhance Your Instagram Presence

Five Apps That Will Enhance Your Instagram Presence

Five Apps That Will Enhance Your Instagram Presence

Instagram is all about images!  If you are uploading vertical images to your business Instagram account then I urge you to stop right now… thank you very much. [I am now singing that song in my head!].

Anyway, if you want your Instagram looking professional with a dash of creativity then check out these five apps.

#1 – Ripl – video or static image app

My number one application is Ripl.  This very easy to use video creation app is amazing, and there is a reason why they call it “The Marketing Team in Your Pocket”.   The templates are great, the animations are fabulous, and they are updating the app on a regular basis with new templates.   The three main features that set this app above all the rest are:-

  1. The ability to schedule your posts directly from within the app
  2. The ideas calendar.  Yep, Ripl knows that today is Monday so it will prompt you to use certain hashtags such as #MotivationalMonday or  “why not share a tip today?”.
  3. The stats are also excellent, and it is great to see at a glance which posts are working well for you and on which platform.  Note you can post to all social media platforms, not just Instagram. (See tweet below)

It’s ace, and I love it!

#2 – Vine Camera – 6-second video creation

In January 2017, Twitter declared that “Vine” was no longer a social networking site, but a camera app that creates 6-second videos.  The videos can be tweeted, or saved to your camera roll.  The Vine app is really easy to use, and the results are posted in “square” video – which is perfect for your Instagram feed.  There are some very talented “Vine” users out there, and with a dash of creativity, you can also master these techniques.    With YouTube also now allowing square video then I urge you to check out this tool.  Here is a compilation of one of the top Vine users.

#3 – PicPlayPost – Mix video and photos in one post

If you are looking for something a little bit different then why not have a look at PicPlayPost. This is a simple app that creates a collage in square format (perfect again for Instagram) that mixes both photos and videos in one post.

As well as Instagram, PicPlayPost allows you to share with all platforms (including Musically, which the youngsters love), and you can also download to your camera roll.  There are many templates, and you can choose to add music from their stock if you so wish.  There is a free version, and for extra features, there is the ability to upgrade for a nominal fee.

#4 – OnlyPult – scheduling tool

I have used Onlypult for a few years now, and it is worth every penny.  Yes, I know that you can schedule posts to Instagram using tools such as Hootsuite or eClincher, but the functionality is very basic on these platforms.  Listed are the main reasons why I use Onlypult over other scheduling tools for Instagram:-

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Post photos and videos to Instagram instantly and in the desired date and time.
  • With Onlypult you can also work with comments – for example, you can schedule a comment to be delivered after your post has gone out.
  • For those who don’t want to use third-party photo editors before the publication, a function of resizing the images and using more than 10 filters in the service was created.
  • The most popular hashtags are available for you to select with one click, or you can create a list of your own hashtags and save them for use in the future (I love this feature as it saves so much time when thinking about what hashtags to use).
  • Add emoji to your posts from your desktop.
  • You can even schedule Instagram Stories and Direct Messages in Onlypult – wicked!

#5 – Wordswag – Static Image with built-in stock photos

If you are struggling to find amazing images for your Instagram account then check out Wordswag.  This easy to use, free app, has partnered with stock image producer “Pixabay” to create amazing visuals for your accounts.   Wordswag is available for both Android and iOS (sorry to Windows phone users).   Some of the extra features that I love about this app (with the exception of the built-in stock images) are:-

  • Choose from images on your camera roll or from the stock library.
  • I love their ideas engine – Get hundreds of quotes, thoughts, and jokes at the tap of a button, so you’re never at a loss for words.
  • Add your branded logo to each masterpiece.
  • If you have specific colours for your brand, then you can choose the hex code which makes you look very professional and “on brand”.
  • The styles for the text overlays are a plenty – I have lost count!


As Instagram becomes more and more popular, the fight for exposure is on!  If you want to stand out from the crowd, then consider using some of the tools listed above to not only increase your creativity but also enhance your brand awareness.

Good luck!

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