How to Grab your Facebook URL/Website Address


A quick video to answer a live chat question on the Green Umbrella website – how do you grab your Facebook website address.

Facebook calls your website address a username. In the real world we call it a URL or a simple web address.

Do you need to have so many likes before you can grab your URL?
Nope. In the olden days, you used to need 25 likes before you could grab your unique website address but nowadays you can grab it during the set up process.

If you missed this during the set up process then simply go to and set your website address for both your personal profile and any business pages that you own from there.

Alternatively, you can go to settings on your page, and click “about” (underneath the cover photo), then click page info. You will see the page name here. The rules are constantly changing, but at the time of producing this video, you can only change your username once – so make sure you have spelt it correctly!

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