GU Live Lunch – Ep 157

GU Live Lunch with Special Guest Kate Swaby

We’re chatting with Kate Swaby from Urban Martial Arts Schools Stroud about all things Catalyst this week! Grab a cuppa, and tune in at 12 noon!

Key Takeaways:

01:42 – “I’m Kate Swaby. I do social media marketing for a martial arts company in Stroud. We have a few different locations, and we got a few different ones opening in different areas of Gloucestershire and in the southwest. So I’m here today because I love anything to do with design and media and always have done, but I’m not been that great at the marketing side. Christina was at an event that I was at a martial arts event. And I immediately was like, I need this lady. I need her. So I followed her ever since my social media stalked her and then joined her catalyst course.”

03:32 – “I don’t mind hiding behind a screen, posting things on Facebook video and everybody else. I don’t mind that. We do a lot of lives on our page. But usually, in our classes, just show what our classes are about. One week, Christina and Kim decided to tell me I had to do a live for myself of one of our success stories of one of the students in our gym, obviously, I was petrified, and I tried to get out of it, but it was a just do it. You’ll be fine. Just do it.”

04:22 – “We had leads coming through the roof literally left, right and center just from this one video. And live video there was absolutely incredible. Still petrified me but it was great. It was absolutely everybody would just say oh, your video was great. I didn’t expect that.”

06:54 – “And this is the power of telling the story. Because of that video, you were telling the story of this child, and the different outcome was it’s actually the power of storytelling in marketing, especially from a social media perspective. It’s, it’s always the thing that works always.”

10:49 – “The thing with Catalyst is because you’ve got the pre-recorded sessions, jumping onto that q&a, because we’re not dealing with there are not 100 people on the call. So it’s like, because it’s like a, an intimate group. Everyone’s got the camera on, everyone’s talking openly. So there’s that little bit of camaraderie”

12:31 – “The ideas that you’ve given the different posts and what you can do and what you can post because I was struggling…(now) it’s nice and organised that I get so many people come to me and say oh your social media is so good you get everything out there we know we know everything about you!”

19:14 – “This is the thing, sometimes we put the message out, we get what we’ve told everyone, but not everyone will have seen that one post. Sometimes we have to tell people a few times to make sure that everyone’s seen the message.”

22:52 – “I think with the deadline thing, but that’s why I like the content plan so much because it’s there. And it’s written out for the whole month. I know; I’ve got to get it done.”

25:42 – “I worked with a recruiter in the Northwest. And they were doing a lot of work around high volume temps, so like warehouse workers, that kind of stuff. You know, kind of people that like working in Amazon, that sort of thing. And what we did, and it was like in the run-up to Christmas as well. And what we did is we ran Facebook ads, but we did things like we dropped a pin on Tescos and Aldi and Lidl. And so basically anyone shopping in those places would see the ad. So rather than doing the whole town, we did little pockets”

32:51 – “We’ve been together for about 10 years or 12 years. But I never did martial arts ever. I was like, that’s not me. I’m, I’m not a fitness person at all. And then when we opened the new location in stride, they opened a brand new latest class, and I was like, do you do what I’ve done for the fitness stuff? Never done martial arts. So I’m just going to do it because everybody’s going to be new, because it’s a new class. So then I started to do the latest class. And that was a couple of years ago. And I’ve literally just done my brown belt”

36:51 – “My own son, my. I’ve got four kids, three boys, one girl. But my youngest is nearly three. He is literally crazy. I mean, crazy. He drives me insane. But I’ve put him in the tot’s classes. We do like little tots classes, two to four year olds. But he absolutely loves it. And everyone’s like, he’s so good at it”

See you next week!

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