GU Live Lunch – Ep 158

Join us for this week's live lunch when we talk Photoshop AI

Join Nicole, Kim and Mark for this weeks episode as we talk Photoshop AI, Elon Musk, LinkedIn messaging and more!

Here are the snippets:

00:05 – This week Molly is preparing for her well deserved holiday, and we have a birthday in the GU family!

04:47 – Elon Musk has reclaimed his title as the world’s richest person, knocking off the boss of luxury goods giant LVMH. He is now worth a staggering $192bn! That’s a rise of $55.5bn since January – although, this has not come from the Twitter takeover, but a rise in shares in Tesla.

08:46 – WordPress has new a plugin that’s integrating with open AI, which would be quite interesting. It’ll be able to help with things like your meta descriptions and things using AI while in WordPress.

09:44 – Photoshop have also started to integrate AI. Currently it’s only on the Beta version but the most exciting news (for us, anyway!) is it has been trained on Adobe Stock, meaning everything is commercially viable and you won’t have to worry about copyright infringement!

16:33 – LinkedIn has launched a new option that will enable Company Pages to send & receive DM’s (direct messages). Page admins able to respond as the Page, providing another engagement option.

17:08 – The new iOS update includes the ability to leave FaceTime Voicemails!

17:57 – Tencent launches palm payments in Beijing, allowing WeChat users who register their palm prints to be able to pay for rides on Beijing’s airport express line using only their hands at designated turnstiles!

See you next week!

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