GU Live Lunch – Ep 164


Join Christina, Nicole and Charles Jones from JPad Media as they talk about photography, video, and podcast tips, plus a little social media news.

Here are the snippets:

05:54 – “People buy from people. It’s always better to put a photo in front of a post or put a video in front of it and show off your personality. And the best way to do that is to be the way you act.”

08:20 – “People a headshot like a profile picture on their LinkedIn. And that’s it. Whereas a brand shoot is not just for that profile. As you said, it’s across your website and your social media. You can do so much with it. But the perception is it’s just a profile picture. You have to think about your lighting, your environment. There’s a lot that goes into it beforehand than just standing in front of a camera.”

09:00 – Three things to consider when having your headshots taken: – 1. Branding. Ensure you consider your branding; what do you want these photos to portray? Corporate, professional, or more casual? – 2. Environment. Think about the location. Does it tell the story of who you are and what you do? For example, if you are trying to appeal to professionals, an office environment would be ideal, whereas a photographer’s headshots may be shot outside or in a studio. – 3. Choose a photographer you like! Working with a photographer you have a connection with makes a huge difference in the shots you’ll get. You want to be able to open and honest with what you like/don’t like.

16:00 – “You’ve got to think of headshots as an asset to your business, evergreen content.” 20:09 – Nicole opens up about her new entertainment and film podcast, The Binge Sisters, where they discuss the latest TV and film gossip.

22:49 – What are the key things when launching a podcast? – Concept. Is it a solo, duo, or multiple? What’s it going to be about, and who is it for? – Structure. Think of it like starting a new job, plan, practice, execute.

24:41 – “Recording a podcast is the ultimate way to build rapport because you have a relaxed conversation, you’re putting them on a pedestal to show them in the best light, you finished recording.”

32:05 – “The technology on phones is unreal. My biggest competitor is the iPhone or Samsung when it comes to photography.”

33:05 – Tip for taking photos: “my advice would do it be DO IT landscape rather than portrait because you can always zoom in, crop, everything. Whereas a lot of people tend to go port portray, and it cuts out everything. And you can’t do as much with it.”

33:51 – Always think about the Rule Of Thirds when taking photos.

36:33 – DON’T POUT!

42:13 – Don’t think of TikTok as a social media app, think of it as a video editing app where you create assets.

45:04 – “We’re almost seeing the beginning of a trend where we go back to tech space content. We’re seeing photos with mini-essays, rather than just 3 or 4 sentences”

50:00 – We talk about how much we use each platform.

53:37 – What do we think about the Twitter X rebrand? Find out!

See you next week!

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