How to Easily Revoke Access to Your Facebook Apps (Important)

How to revoke access to your Facebook apps on iPhone app


With recent changes to the Facebook privacy policy, and given what has happened in the news over the last few weeks with regards to Cambridge Analytica, this is a fabulous new function that everyone should embrace.

Do you remember that quiz that you completed on Facebook years ago?  Or the account you created for Spotify via your Facebook profile that you no longer use?  Perhaps you no longer play Farmville or Candy Crush – if so, all of these apps have access to YOUR data.   Facebook has recently released a new feature where you can remove access easily in one hit, rather than painfully going through each app individually.


If you would prefer to read through the steps rather than watch the video, then here goes:-

  • > Click the three lines (hamburger)
  • > Scroll down to settings
  • > Account settings
  • > Scroll down to apps
  • > Logged in with Facebook, click edit
  • > select the apps that are no longer relevant
  • > tap REMOVE
  • > Remove again
  • You will now see the “done” sign

I suggest adding this task to your calendar every six months.



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