How To Implement A Video Strategy For Better Search Engine Results

Video Marketing for Search Engines

Video Marketing for Search Engines Video marketing is becoming more and more important as more users gain access to mobile and tablet devices, as well as faster Internet connections. This is then taking a huge impact on businesses as it is encouraging them to re-think their marketing strategy. Seeing as video has taken such a rise in popularity, it would be rude not to follow the crowd. Videos are especially helpful for driving traffic to your website. Search engines such as Google recognise that videos offer high-quality content and that they take time and effort to produce. For this reason, they place a lot of importance and keywords on videos as they see them as supporting signals for the quality of your sites content.

How to improve and maximise your SEO

To improve and maximise your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you need to make sure that you go down the right path. Your obvious choice to host the video would surely be the most common video site on the Internet, YouTube. YouTube is considered the second best search engine in the world behind Google, so not a bad place to host your video from. Make it easier for your customers to find you, searching for something on a video site will be a lot easier to find that looking for your product on Google. To make it easier for your viewers, search engines bring searches with the most relevant data to their query, and inbound links help the search engines determine how relevant the data is.

However, all of this talk can only take you so far as realistically it’s all down to the video content. You could have the best marketing strategy, but it wouldn’t be relevant if the video quality is poor as people won’t be interested. Before you even think about promoting the video, have a think about who the video is for and what purpose does it hold. Then you can decide on how to bend your marketing around the video and what resources are at your disposal, such as social media and video sharing sites.

When someone is trolling through YouTube or a social media site and they come across your video, it will only take a matter of seconds before they loose interest or decide to stay because they like what they see.

When your video is ready to be released to the world…

When your video is ready to be released to the wonderful world of YouTube or another video sharing site or even your website. The next stage to helping people find your masterpiece is to include title tags and keywords in the title and description. As Google and YouTube are the two biggest search engines on the web, title tags are going to be the best mark up for your video. Tagging your videos thoroughly is the best way to optimize your video, using as many as possible, however just make sure that they are relevant.

Google will display the tags and key words in its search engine when people search relevant topics. If your video is a poor video regardless where people found it, users are not going to like it, which means they won’t engage or write comments, etc. This sends negative signals to Google, which can result in your video staying low in the ranking system. So think twice before you pull everyone towards your videos, is it worth their time?!

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For those listening to the audio version of this blog then you will hear my “tool of the day”.  As we are talking about video marketing in this blog then I wanted to share with you a fabulous tool called Leadplayer.  I have been using this software for many years as well as the companies other produces from .  I recorded the audio and then I write up the article on my website afterwards with the links to the software, but un be-known to me, I was unable to source a link to Leadplayer (which I thought was strange as I use this tool every week for the Social Media Coaching Club).   I then stumbled upon this article that explains why Leadplayer has been taken off the market and some excellent alternative options. Check it out here:


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