Mastering the Magic of Blog Writing

Mastering the Magic of Blog Writing

Mastering the Magic of Blog Writing

Mastering the Magic of Blog Writing

You’re not a writer; I get it. The thought of blogging leaves you cold, especially thinking of that blank piece of paper you have to fill with your own words and ideas. Will people read your content, will they judge you, what will you talk about, are blogs even important? Most importantly, how do you get blogging right?

It can feel both overwhelming and like blogging is a mystical dark art. What happens behind the scenes? How can you unravel blogging and become a master at conjuring magical content?

Is Blogging Still A Thing?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that blogs have evolved over the years. In a similar way to the type of content we create and want to consume, blogging has changed shape to reflect our changing tastes. Essentially though, having an effective blogging strategy is paramount to your online marketing success.

It is surprisingly easy to create content that is valuable, engaging and worthy of people’s time – even for non-writers. Plus, optimising your content gives you that all-important Google juice (or in other words, it helps your SEO!)

Blogging Generates Business

Blogging is still popular for a reason; it generates business. Marketers who prioritise blogging see 13-times the ROI compared to businesses that don’t. Plus, companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads every month compared with those who don’t blog. Those are some compelling stats!

By blogging, you’ll get more web traffic, have more content indexed by search engines, you’ll have more to say to your customers and prospects, and you’ll have a reason to contact them, thereby staying front of mind.

What if you’re not a blogger?

We recognise that not everyone is a natural writer or content creator. Remember that blogs don’t need to start life as words on a page. Blogs can be transcribed from videos or interviews. Perhaps you’ve got a checklist you can share, or a review, or even stats and data in an infographic.

Getting started can be the biggest hurdle; that’s why we’ve teamed up with the fantastic team at The Recruiting Gym to unravel the mystery behind blog writing. Together we’ve created an online course that dispels the myths around blogging. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to produce engaging content that keeps your audience spellbound. Not a hint of dark art wizardry involved, just practical tips you can apply immediately.

Social Media Coaching

The Recruiter’s Guide To Blogging Success

The online course is tailored to recruiters and those in the recruitment sector. Although non-recruiters, please do feel free to contact us to talk about starting your own blog – we’re always here for a chat!

Throughout the course, we’ll work through our Blogging Blueprint checklist to ensure your content is effective and reaching the right audience. Christina shares her techniques on where to generate ideas for your recruitment blog. Plus, of course, we’ll share tips and tools to overcome any writer’s block and make your blog look effortlessly professional.

Investing in blog writing means you’ll have relevant articles that will hold their value in the future, helping you attract clients and those elusive talented candidates in the recruitment sector.

Find out more about the Recruiter’s Guide to Blogging Success course here. Even better, if you add the coupon code ilovegreenumbrella, you will receive a 10% discount on this and any other course in the Recruiting Gym. Go on, get blogging fit in the gym!

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