My Best Day At Work

My best day at work

My Best Day At Work

My best day at work

Each month LinkedIn suggest an article topic.  The month of November is “My Best Day At Work”.  The guidelines are:

How do you find purpose at work? What makes you feel fulfilled? Take us through a milestone and explain how it motivated you.

Each year I set myself goals for the year.  I publically write my goals down as I find that I am more likely to achieve them if I have already told the world that I am going to do A,B or C.  My 2016 public goals can be found here.   These are usually big milestones and yes, they are great to achieve, but they do not happen every day.

To be successful in business, I feel that you need to keep tabs on the day to day achievements and celebrate the small wins, not just the big ones.

So, unbeknown to my staff, I set about making a list of little things that happened during a particular week in October. What kept me motivated at work?  I made a note in the back of my notepad each time something happened that made me feel fulfilled and gave me purpose at work.  It was an interesting exercise to do!

The Green Umbrella Team – was top of the list

Here are the notes from that week.  I have an awesome team and this is what makes my job the most attractive.  Here are the two milestones that happened during that week.

  • Mark came up with a brilliant idea about a brochure.  Something completely different that will be an awful lot of work for him, but his eyes were sparkling as he mentioned it, and we all got a bit excited to think how it would look.  This is not just any brochure…. this is a Green Umbrella brochure (said in a Marks and Sparks voice).
  • I was unable to travel to London to see a client and Christina jumped to the rescue and conducted the client visit for me.  She has since ventured to all sorts of places, which takes some pressure off me, and she loves seeing clients.  (They love her too!).

Secured two new contracts

There is nothing as fulfilling as securing a new contract.  I have been on trial with Raytheon, to supply Vauxhall with a digital workshop that will be rolled out across the UK.  I had to learn new aspects of digital marketing in a short space of time.  We only had a few weeks to create the content for the presentation, design and print the workbooks, write scenarios and quizzes, and much more.  This included many trips to Vauxhall HQ in Luton, as well as numerous conference calls to get the content approved.  Mark was amazing and never moaned once (unlike me!).   I delivered the pilot session and we received outstanding reports.  I am pleased to say that we have now secured the contract for phase one!  Bring it on!

In the same week, we had notification from The Chamber of Commerce that they would like to run our LinkedIn workshops throughout 2017!

Thank you cards

This particular week we also received two thank you cards in the post.  One was from a recruitment client of mine who had read a book that I had recommended earlier in the year called “Living Forward” by Michael Hyatt.  It is a book that walks you through setting up a life plan and it certainly changed my life, but it also changed this lady’s life and she felt the need to thank me for the introduction.   How brilliant is that?

The second thank you card was from a freelancer who joined us a few months ago but then left as she had secured a full-time job.  I won’t go into detail, but the words inside put a lump in my throat.  The way that you treat your people, whether they are internal or external is paramount.  I am proud to create a culture within my business that stimulates others to put pen to paper to say thank you.


When I looked at all the notes from that particular week, I found that the biggest area of fulfillment for me came from working with the right people and a developing an awesome company culture.  If only we could bottle it and sell it, then we would be millionaires!






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