The Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2024

Best time to post on social media blog

The Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2024

Best time to post on social media blog

There I am, standing on a stage after delivering what I believe to be the most important thing people need to know or understand when it comes to social media marketing today, and I’m asking if anyone has any questions. What is it I get asked? “When’s the best time to post on social media?” It’s a question that, although important, isn’t the be-all and end-all of a strong social media strategy. It’s not as vital to success as creating compelling content or implementing an engagement strategy and I wish more people understood that! However, this is the question I get asked so here I am answering it for you!

Posting at optimal times can enhance engagement, reach, and overall performance of your social media efforts. As there are trends and patterns in user behaviour across various platforms, we need to recognise them to ensure we’re not only posting during what I’ll liken to ‘the graveyard shift’.

For those of you reading this, a high percentage (if not all of you) will be UK-based. There are a plethora of articles out there already shouting about the best times to post and they’re often authored by the companies offering scheduling software. The data being shared is taken from the analytics they’re gathering via their users; however, this information is global and very rarely localised. What I’m offering you here is a guide on the best times to post on social media platforms taking what I see in these articles and what we see from our clients here in the UK. My suggestion is that you compare these timings with what you know to be true based on the performance of your own content. Experiment with timings to understand what works for you. What I’m sharing here is just a starting point for those of you too nervous in case you’re posting at the ‘wrong’ time.

Best time to post on Facebook

Facebook remains a social media marketing staple with its vast user base and diverse demographics. To maximise engagement on Facebook, consider these peak times:

  • Weekdays: 10 AM – 12 PM
  • Wednesday: Peak engagement day, especially around 11 AM
  • Evening Hours: Secondary peak around 7 PM – 9 PM on weekdays

Posts during late mornings and early afternoons tend to capture both casual scrollers and active users, while evenings can attract those winding down from their day.

Best time to post on Instagram

Instagram, with its visually driven content, thrives on regular posting. Here’s when to post for the best results:

  • Weekdays: 9 AM – 11 AM
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Highest engagement, particularly at 10 AM and around 2 PM
  • Weekends: Saturday mornings around 10 AM can also be effective

Mid-morning posts cater to users checking their feeds during breaks, while slightly later in the day aligns with post-lunch scrolling.

Best time to post on X

For those of you still using this platform, X’s fast-paced environment necessitates frequent posting. The best times are:

  • Weekdays: 8 AM – 10 AM
  • Wednesday and Friday: Optimal days with peak times around 9 AM
  • Late Afternoons: Secondary peak around 4 PM – 5 PM on weekdays

Morning tweets catch users during their commute or start-of-day routine, while late afternoon tweets engage those wrapping up their workday.

Best time to post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social home of the professional, has its own rhythm. Posting during business hours is key:

  • Tuesday to Thursday: 10 AM – 12 PM
  • Wednesday: Most effective day with peak times around 10 AM
  • Evenings: 5 PM – 6 PM can also see good engagement as professionals reflect on their day

Mid-morning posts target users settling into their workday, and early-evening posts reach those reviewing their network post-work.

Best time to post on TikTok

TikTok’s algorithm-driven platform values consistency and quality. Consider these times:

  • Tuesday to Friday: 6 PM – 9 PM
  • Saturday: Early afternoon around 1 PM – 3 PM
  • Sunday: Evenings around 7 PM

Late afternoons and evenings are prime times when users are most active, particularly during the weekend.

Best time to post on YouTube

For video content on YouTube, timing is everything:

  • Thursday and Friday: 12 PM – 3 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Early afternoons around 9 AM – 11 AM
  • Weekdays: Post-work hours around 5 PM – 6 PM

Posting just before the weekend captures users as they’re winding, while early afternoons on weekends engage those with more free time.

So, when is the best time to post on social media?

While these times provide a general guideline, it’s essential to consider your specific audience and their habits. Use the analytics tools provided by each platform to refine your strategy and identify the best times for you and your audience. By aligning your posting schedule with peak user activity, you can significantly boost your social media presence and engagement. As long as what you’re posting is good, engaging content. Remember, consistency and quality content are the things that make the difference so ensure your posts resonate whenever they’re seen. Timing is just a bonus and posting at the wrong time is so much better than not posting at all!

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