What Is An Instagram Nametag?

What Is An Instagram Nametag?

What Is An Instagram Nametag?

What Is An Instagram Nametag?

In all honesty, I raised my eyebrows when I heard that Instagram was launching Nametags earlier this year.  If you are not sure what a Nametag is on Instagram, it is the posh name for an Instagram QR code for your account/username.  The idea is that if you meet someone at an event, or in the pub, simply launch Instagram, toggle onto your nametag (QR code) and the other person can scan the QR code and instantly follow you.  Instagram claims this it is the “quick way” to connect with new friends.

Are you really saving much time by doing this? Isn’t it easier to just type the name into Instagram and click follow?  I know that I have never used the Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn QR code system so why on earth would I now start using Instagram?

According to Instagram, people use the nametag in various ways:-

#1 – In a physical location

The good thing about the Nametag is that it includes the Instagram logo so it is highly recognisable.  Perhaps add your Nametag as a poster in your reception, or display it in your shop window.  Some people are now adding their Nametag as part of their signage on company vehicles rather than just displaying the Instagram logo with a caption saying “follow us”.

#2 – Add to your email signature

I am not sure that I agree with this one.  Most email signatures are busy enough already, but if Instagram is your main social media platform then perhaps I could see that adding it to your email signature may be useful.

#3 – Networking events and conferences

I agree that the Nametag may be useful at networking events or conferences.  If you are working a room, then perhaps it is quicker to simply scan a QR code (especially if the exhibitor has the QR code printed on their stand).   In the future, when people are accustomed to understanding how to set up and then access their Nametag then this will most certainly be quicker, but I can imagine at the moment, you will spend a good few minutes explaining what a Nametag is and showing the other person how to set it up (which is what happened to me at a recent Recruitment Expo).

#4 – Print it on your business card

Again, a bit of a no-brainer and the Nametag looks better than just the Instagram logo with your username typed underneath.

#5 – Place it on your website

I am not sure that I would like a QR code that is big enough to scan on the homepage of my website.  I may just leave that as a clickable link.  You may think differently.

#6 – Print it on a coffee mug or promotional item

We have one client who sends personalised mugs out to his clients as a “thank-you” for blogging for them.  Adding your Instagram Nametag to the mug or any other type of personalised gift is a great way to increase exposure to your account.

#7 – Tattoo it on your body (ok, not really one that Instagram recommend)

OK, perhaps some people are keen on doing branding themselves with their Instagram details for life, but I for one will perhaps give this one a miss.  When I read this, it did make me think of the parkrun wristband that I wear each Saturday that has my unique barcode printed on the side.  I would certainly wear a wristband, but I will draw the line at a tattoo!

How do you create your Nametag?

I thought it would be easier to put a quick video together for you to show you how to create your Nametag.

I hope these tips have been useful, but as ever, if you have any questions, get in touch.

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