Amanda’s Top Stats for January

Data Davies January 2021

Hooray! It’s a new year, time for a shiny new marketing strategy and a chance to hit the ground running. Until – oh yes, you realise we are picking up where we left off, still in lockdown! Fear not, just because you might need to amend your marketing plans (again!) there are still plenty of data-driven trends you can leverage to make 2021 a cracker of a year.

  • More than half of businesses plan on increasing investment with Instagram in 2021, with almost half saying they plan on doing the same with Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Which makes sense since one in four online purchases are now made via an interaction with a social media platform
  • Facebook is still the largest social platform, but Instagram showed their highest number of new users from July to Sept 2020, showing stronger growth than Facebook
  • Plus, Instagram’s advertising reach grew by 7% – more than 3 times that of Facebook’s!
  • Predictions are that spend on customer loyalty and retention marketing will increase by as much as 30%. A smart move given how hard it is to attract new customers – look after the ones you’ve got!
  • Don’t ignore Twitter in 2021, it’s become popular again for quick news and reactions. Their ad revenue returned to growth at the end of last year, up 15% y-o-y
  • LinkedIn are likely to introduce some changes this year. Remember your hashtags here. For years we were advised 3 hashtags was optimal – an algorithm change shows that between 3 and 9 # are the aim. Don’t miss out, use as many as are relevant

This year, marketers will need to be as agile as ever. Respond to what’s going on in the world

Data Sources: Hootsuite, econsultancy, Recruiting Brainfood

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