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Recruit’em could be your saviour


Pam’s Coaching Tip… As a Recruiter are you using Recruit’em as a search tool? In a recent coaching session with a client, we spent two hours searching and breaking down the information from this fantastic tool.  He had never used Recruit’em before, and because he was looking for a very specialised candidate with a specific…

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Apps to help your stories stand out!

Apps to help you with your stories

Previously I talked about the importance of using Instagram Stories, so now, I thought it might be helpful to mention a few Apps that you can use to help make your Instagram Stories stand out. One of the main Apps that I have used in the past is Unfold. This App is great for innovative…

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Don’t forget about Instagram stories!

Instagram Stories

I have mentioned before about using Facebook Stories, but if you have an Instagram account for your business, you need to make sure that you are using the Stories here as well. To add to your Instagram Story, simply click your avatar on either the Home page or your Profile. You can then either take…

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Your Twitter 5 A Day

Twitter 5 A Day

Free Check List Being active on Twitter multiple times a day is essential.  We have created a handy daily checklist of the five main activities that we would recommend. To download your FREE PDF click HERE and don’t forget to check out the rest of our free downloads in our Goodies section. 

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Don’t forget to update your pinned posts

Pinned Posts

Pam’s Coaching Tip… Pinned Posts – Are you updating these weekly? This is something that we see quite regularly, especially when we take on new accounts. Businesses are either not using this feature, or they have been, but the pinned post hasn’t been changed since 2018.  The advantage of using this feature is that you…

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Facebook stories on desktop

Facebook Stories on Desktop

One of my previous Social Snippet tips was to add to your Story as part of your Social Media strategy, but I have been getting a lot of questions recently about how to do this on Facebook via Desktop. If you log into your Facebook business page, you should be able to see a little…

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Are you remembering to share your posts on Linkedin?

Are you sharing your LinkedIn content?

Pam’s Coaching Tip… We all know that you can happily post on your LinkedIn Business page and share from there onto your Personal Linkedin Page, but, did you know that you can share posts from your Personal Page onto your Business Page? This is a question that is often raised in my coaching sessions. You…

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Social Media Tip - Twitter Explore

A great way to stay on top of trending topics is to use the Twitter ‘Explore’ hashtag. If you are on desktop and you have the new version of Twitter, you can find this in the top toolbar next to the ‘Home’ tab. If you are on the mobile app, then click the magnifying glass…

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Three tips for an effective business card

Business Card Tips

The humble business card is possibly still the first and last thing that any potential client will see to remember you by, so here are three tips to make your business cards more effective: 1. Make sure it is obvious what your company does. It sounds obvious but don’t just have a card with your…

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Use a Timer for Social Media!

Use a time for social media

Using a timer is a great way to make sure that you have a set time to manage your social media accounts. If you use a Mac, then the Alinof Timer is a handy App to install. Once your time is up, then a banner message will appear across the screen with a sound alarm.…

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