Amanda’s Top Stats for March

Data Davies March 2021

There is definitely some data around this month to put a spring in your step! And that’s not just falling R-rates and significant dates to get us out of lockdown. Hopefully, we’ll be welcoming back hospitality, retail, gyms and hairdressers, amongst other services very soon.

Whether you’re reopening or continuing business, here are some juicy stats to help drive customer engagement, sales and customer loyalty.

Let’s talk about Instagram:

? 95 million posts are shared every day on Instagram

? More than a billion (yes, a billion) people use the platform each month

? 18 – 34-year-olds are the most active age group

? More than 25 million businesses are on Instagram

? As a platform, it is streets ahead of its rivals for engagement. With more than 14 x the engagement on Facebook and 27 x higher engagement than Twitter!

? In 2020, advertising revenue for Instagram was $13.86 billion. The addition of the Shop function has helped drive ad revenue further. What could you be promoting and selling via Insta?

Tell me more about selling via social media

? 55% of people claim to have bought products through social media

? 87% claim that social media has influenced a purchase decision

? Video plays a big part in this, with 68% of people using video to help make buying decisions

Above all, make sure your content is relevant and engaging – over two-thirds of consumers don’t think companies share exciting content.

Data Sources: Social Media Today,, Squarelovin

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