Apps to help your stories stand out!

Apps to help you with your stories
What are good apps to help your social media stories stand out?

Previously I talked about the importance of using Instagram Stories, so now, I thought it might be helpful to mention a few Apps that you can use to help make your Instagram Stories stand out.

One of the main Apps that I have used in the past is Unfold. This App is great for innovative and modern Story templates and is very easy to use.

Another very popular App is Canva. Again, Canva is a brilliant App for Story templates and allows you to choose from loads of ready-made templates, which you can then customise to suit your brand.

Finally, Magisto! I have mentioned Magisto before as a Video Editing App, but it is also great for Stories too. If you want to combine some of your favourite photos and video content into an attention-grabbing video, then Magisto is the App for you! Apps to help you with your stories

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