How to Ask for A Recommendation on LinkedIn

linkedin recommendations

In this short video, Julia talks through various ways in which you can request a recommendation on LinkedIn. This is an updated version (Feb 2018) as previous ways are no longer available.

If video is not your thing, then follow these two options:-

Option 1 – if you already have recommendations

  1. Log into LinkedIn
  2. Navigate to the bottom of your profile / recommendation area
  3. Click on the grey “ask recommendation” button
  4. Follow the on-screen wizard to request a recommendation

Option 2 – if you have no recommendations currently

  1. Log into LinkedIn
  2. In the top search bar find the person that you wish to ask a recommendation from
  3. You must be connected to that person in order to request a recommendation
  4. Click “more” button on said person profile
  5. Navigate to “Request a recommendation”
  6. Complete the online wizard.
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