Christina’s UK Recruiter Q&A

Christina Robinson Q&A with UK Recruiter

Christina’s UK Recruiter Q&A

Christina Robinson Q&A with UK Recruiter

I had the pleasure of joining UK Recruiter’s Louise Triance, live ‘on air’ (or more specifically on Crowdcast) to discuss tech in general, as well as what we do here at Green Umbrella. Despite my cool, calm and collected appearance, it should be noted that before and after these things I am a bag of nerves, which everyone else at GUHQ seems to find most entertaining!

Louise gave me (and her other guests, Actonomy and Colleague), five key questions to answer during the show – I think I answered them pretty well, but you can watch the videos and let me know!

Here are the questions along with the videos of my answers!

1. How can a recruitment business benefit from your product, and what do you have or do that makes it worth speaking to you at the UK Recruiter Tech event?

2. What is the No.1 problem that you solve?

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3. What’s coming up? What new features will you have in the next 12 months?

4. What is the question that nobody asks tech providers – but should?

5. What is your top tip for choosing tech?

So, what was the reason behind the live show?

Each June, UK Recruiter host their Recruitment Technology Innovation & Social Media Showcase, which this year we’ll be joining as an exhibitor. The show is aimed at anyone working within Recruitment – if that’s you, check out the event now! If you’re thinking of attending, give Christina a shout, we’ve been allocated a few guest tickets and would love to see you there!

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