Clubhouse – Have You Had Your Invite?

Clubhouse - Have you had your invite yet?

Clubhouse – Have You Had Your Invite?

Clubhouse - Have you had your invite yet?

There’s a new social media app in town – ok, yes, there’s ALWAYS a new social media App, but this one appears to be gaining traction, and having had a snoop around, I can see why! It’s early days, and anything could happen – but I genuinely believe this is something worth a few minutes of your time!

What is Clubhouse?

Put simply, Clubhouse is an IOS only app (for now) where users get to hang out and have audio-only conversations in real-time. 

There are no replays. 

I first started to hear whispers at the end of October that this new audio-app had been released to a few chosen influencers who would then be allowed to invite their contacts in limited numbers. By mid-December, this was a platform being whispered about everywhere you’d find a digital marketer who stays ahead of the game. The whisper was “Have you had an invite?” By Christmas… there were no more whispers. It was shouts of desperation pleading to be let into the platform. 

If you’re not on the clubhouse list, you’re not coming in

Clubhouse has created the ultimate FOMO marketing approach. Being a user of the platform means you’re part of an exclusive club, you’ve been invited. Invitations are precious, as users are allocated a single invite when they join. You can gain additional invites by being active on the platform, but it’s unclear to me right now just how much effort is required to gain those additional invites. 

As with all the best clubs though… there’s a side door if you’ve got the right friends. Without an invite, you can download the App and register, therefore reserving your username. When you do that, anyone using the platform with you in their contacts will receive a notification that will allow you to ‘wave’ them in without using an invitation. (Cool right? I’m having flashbacks to queue-jumping at nightclubs shouting “I’m with the DJ!”)

Why are people excited about Clubhouse?

Due to its exclusivity, Clubhouse is like the VIP area of any good event. You get to rub shoulders and have real conversations with the elite. (That’s the perception anyway!) 

As it stands, this isn’t a platform you create content for. It’s essentially a platform full of rooms where panel conversations are going on – and you have the opportunity to be part of those panels. Conversations could go in any direction, so it’s the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and prove your standing on your subject of choice. 

As I said, it’s real-time – no edits, no replays… and it removes video from the equation. Something that many people feel uncomfortable within these types of live scenarios! That’s one of the things that makes Clubhouse so unique. 

Why should you use Clubhouse?

After only a couple of weeks of lurking, I can honestly say I’ve heard some really interesting and educational conversations on a number of subjects. I see massive opportunity to network and engage with people who would otherwise not be accessible to me, and I can see exactly how I can become ‘known’ by actively contributing to conversations…, and I’m just little old me! You don’t have to have a massive following – you just need to put your hand up and speak up!

If you have an interest in personal development or entrepreneurship, there are no end of conversations you can join right now, but as the community grows and the platform develops I can see more industry-specific conversations popping up—conversations where innovations and best practice are discussed. 

There are a few discussions online relating to how Clubhouse can contribute to the gap felt between face to face and online events. I’m not sure what I think or feel on this just now, but I can see potential for the developers to build out functionality to bring online events to life. That said – yep networking is a real possibility if the conversation is managed appropriately.

Social Media Management packages

From a business/personal brand perspective, this could be the holy grail of social media platforms. You may have heard me discussing ‘Hit Lists’ previously, and if you have, you’ll know I have this thing about identifying and targeting the people who you feel ‘need’ to know you. Clubhouse is THE tool to do this with because it will always be the specific individual taking part in the conversation. Right now, if I was going to send a LinkedIn message or DM one of the influencers in my world it’s highly likely the person receiving and responding to the message is in fact NOT the individual I’m trying to reach. (It might be the person managing their social media presence, it might be their virtual assistant!)

My final reason for using Clubhouse (and I appreciate this might not be an option for everyone right now) is that the platform is proving itself to be a fantastic source of content ideas. I’m listening and identifying conversation trends I can then use as inspiration for blogs and podcast episodes. I’ve recorded a new YouTube video today because of something I heard this week on the platform, and I have an idea for another new eBook! 

So what? 

(And if you’re thinking you want an invite…)

Social media platforms come and go. There’s never any telling what will stick or what will vanish, but one thing’s for sure – early mover advantage is never a bad thing. Go on; it’s worth having a nosey! If you want to get on the platform, download the App and register your username. If we’re friends, and you’re in my contacts, I’ll happily bring you in through that side door and ‘wave you in’. Just let me know before you register so we can make sure I’ve actually added you in my contacts and have your details up to date!

I’ve done my couple of weeks perusing and lurking – next stage is to get more involved, so look out for a follow-up article in a week or two with some best practice points for you, and if you want to give me a follow on Clubhouse, search for @christina_talks

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