Do you have an Instagram Business Account?

Do you have an instagram business account
Instagram professional dashboard

I have mentioned previously about using the Instagram Insights, but now there is something even better, the Professional Dashboard!

Described by Instagram as “A new central destination to help you turn your passion into a living on Instagram”, it includes Insights, but it also has other tools to help users maximise and monetise the platform.

The “Grow Your Business” section is divided into four categories, “Promotions”, “Branded Content Approvals”, “Set Up Instagram Shopping”, and “Set Up Saved Replies”. However, my favourite part is the “Stay Informed” section, which is more educational and offers advice from the Instagram team. Topics like “How to plan and create content” and “How to create an Instagram shop” are all covered.

Obviously, this is a very new development within Instagram; however, I love the new angle and recommend that you all use the educational resources. After all, who is more qualified to advise on Instagram than Instagram themselves?

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