“I Don’t Use My LinkedIn Account – Why Would I?”

“I don’t use my LinkedIn account – why would I?”

“I Don’t Use My LinkedIn Account – Why Would I?”

“I don’t use my LinkedIn account – why would I?”

Every now and then I hear these words, usually uttered in frustration by someone in a business development or sales role, and also (more often than not), just after the owner of their business has engaged my services to ensure everyone in their sales team has a tip-top LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn might be the dinosaur of social media, but if you are in a business to business world, and wondering “why should I bother with LinkedIn?”, then you should definitely be reading this blog!

Why bother with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is THE place to present yourself as a professional, whether it’s you as an individual or you as a brand via a company page. In fact, it has been recently reported (admittedly by LinkedIn) that the platform is being used more and more to foster B2C relationships too.

So, where’s the benefit for you?

We live in a world where if we want to find something out about – well, about anything, anywhere or anyone – we hit the web. Don’t be fooled into thinking your current clients or prospects do anything any different to you. They are, in fact, completely and unquestionably human too, and they have LinkedIn at their fingertips!

Imagine the scenario: You’re choosing the right supplier to approach to spend your budgets. You want to ensure the company is credible. You want to make sure the person you are dealing with is trustworthy and reliable. You want to deal with an expert – someone with experience. How do you check? Most people head to LinkedIn!

You may not be using LinkedIn yourself, but I guarantee the majority of your prospects are (with the exception of a very, very few industries).

But it’s my profile – not the business’s?

Yep, you’re right. It’s yours. 100% yours.
But ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would you like an online profile that reflects you as being 100% professional? Yes or No?
  2. Would you like an online profile that warms up potentially cold leads? Yes or No?
  3. Would you like an online profile that makes a prospect choose you over a competitor? Yes or No?

I have come across individuals that don’t even have a Linkedin profile, but those are incredibly few and far between – I can probably count them on one hand. However, the number of people who have a profile on LinkedIn, and look… well… uninviting to prospects, shall we say, that number is much higher than you’d expect!

So, if you answered Yes to those questions, then you can start to see what a great LinkedIn profile can do for you.

Isn’t it just a benefit for the business? Not me?

Ok – yes. Of course, there are benefits for the business in the fact that the brand is well represented by the workforce. But we are talking about something that is potentially, if used correctly, a vital tool of your trade. What tools have you been provided with in order to help you meet your goals? Unlike laptops, mobile phones, or even cars – this one stays with you.

Is it just about having a profile?

Like all social media platforms, you do need to work it – regular posting, building your network by sending connection requests, and liking, commenting and sharing content from those connections on your home feed. It may sound a lot, but I promise that by forming a few little daily habits you’ll find your LinkedIn usage fits right into your day.

If you haven’t embraced LinkedIn, or you don’t want to embrace it – let’s compromise

Just get your LinkedIn profile looking awesome. Make sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible light so that it can contribute to your success. Decisions are made all the time based on how accessible, approachable or familiar someone appears to be. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to do all three.

If you would like help with getting the best from your linkedIn profile, download our 10 point checklist, or give us a call.

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