Remember when it was really easy to use Facebook as a marketing tool? When I look back, I think, ‘Wow – we had it SO easy!’. Unfortunately, as the years have passed by, it has become more and more difficult for the untrained eye to maximise the impact of Facebook on their businesses. With many thinking that the platform is declining in popularity in favour of other social media apps such as TikTok, it’s no wonder we’re often asked if there is value in Facebook Marketing in 2024.

Should Facebook Marketing be part of your strategy?

We’re big advocates of ensuring you hang out where you are most likely to reach your audience. So – are your audience here? Any social media agency worth its salt would argue that Facebook is a must-have as part of its sales pitch due to its unquestionable super-power within the world of social media… But let’s really think about this.

Most of our audience here at Green Umbrella Marketing is UK-based, so let’s drill down and look at the stats. One of the most respected sources of information in the social media world currently reports that almost 78% of the UK population is using social media daily- representing around 53 Million users. Looking at male/female splits and age demographics alone, those users are predominantly 18-44 years of age. Before I tell you how many of those are using Facebook regularly – I want to remind you that these are not Global stats I’m sharing; they are UK-specific. Facebook remains the second most used social media platform in the UK, with 73% usership across the population.

Of course, there are going to be times when I suggest you prioritise other platforms ahead of Facebook because of the nature of your ideal client. However, based on those stats, I feel that Facebook should be part of most people’s digital strategy, whether from an organic or paid perspective!

Disclaimer – if you are super niche and you know that your ideal client represents less than 20% of the UK’s population, then I suppose you ‘could’ have an argument for being anti-Facebook… but I think you’ll find Facebook will continue to have a place in your marketing strategy. Whether you’d get enough of a benefit from the platform in relation to your efforts may come down to how brave you feel when it comes to setting a paid advertising budget!

What are the opportunities that exist when it comes to Facebook marketing?

Put simply… you have three options.

  1. Pages – Taking an organic-only approach, you build an audience and focus on creating content that obeys the algorithms. It’s slow and sometimes painful to create an audience on Facebook, but when you do, it will be one of the most loyal audiences you could hope for! (Assuming you respect and nurture that audience with epic content!)
  2. Groups – Mini communities that come together and share. Ok – perhaps you have been a member of a local online car-boot-style group, and you’re thinking, “Seriously, Christina!” but if you look beyond this, there are several industry groups that exist on Facebook that you can join either with your personal profile or as your page (at the group admin’s discretion). To make this tactic work for you, you really need to be a person rather than a page, and it’s all about showing up, true networking, and being a voice of support within that community. Using Facebook groups can have high rewards – but they’re also pretty weighty from an effort perspective. The algorithm is kinder in groups, but unless it’s a group you own and curate, you are not building an on-platform audience you own.
  3. Paid – Put your hand in your pocket, and you’ll see meaningful results… I’m saying that and wishing it was that straightforward! Paid Ads on Facebook work – they really, really work. However, you must have a robust strategic plan and be prepared to commit to spending over a period of at least six months. Pulling the plug too soon because you lose nerve is often the biggest mistake people make when it comes to Facebook Ads! Let me share a secret – I often ask people who their ideal client is, and they tell me it’s anyone and everyone… Facebook ads can potentially reach 66% of UK users at any one time. So, where’s the disconnect? Why aren’t more SMEs committing to Facebook ads as part of their strategy?

I could dive into the Facebook algorithm, but at this point, I’ll direct you to this article that explains what the core ingredients are when it comes to finding success on Facebook and the other social media platforms you’re probably looking at using!

Facebook Marketing In 2024 – What should we take away from this?

Facebook continues to be a core platform. Don’t be fooled into thinking no one uses it anymore. Don’t allow your scepticism to be fuelled by the doubters who think it’s only good for cute pups and crazy cat videos! There is so much more to the platform than that!

Whether the people you want to reach are in a buying mindset or not – they’re probably using Facebook, even if it’s intermittent! Marketing is all about educating your prospects so that they know you are the solution to a specific problem, so when they have the problem, your brand is the first name they think of.

As the monster it is, Facebook will always be ready to pounce on the latest social trends, whether it’s redeveloping functionality as we’ve seen with the Stories or its current focus on promoting Reels!

In closing, when it comes to a Facebook strategy in 2024, you need to have one! There are very few businesses that should be avoiding this platform. If you’re missing out on the potential, this platform could be delivering for your business. You know where to find me!

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