“A” what? Know your A0 from A4 paper sizes

Paper Sizes

Paper sizes for print

Most people are familiar with the most common paper sizes from filling up the home printer or the office copier, we’ve all seen a pack of A4 or A3 paper but in the printing world there are a lot more to paper sizes than these two familiar sizes.

While the A Paper sizes themselves run from A0 (the largest size) through to A10 (the smallest) the most common sizes for in printing terms run from A0 to A7.

The A Sizes

Size in mmCommon uses in print
A0841 x 1189mmPosters, POS
A1594 x 841mmPosters, A-Boards
A2420 x 594mmPosters, A-Boards
A3297 x 420mmPosters, Leaflets (commonly folded to A4)
A4210 x 297mmLeaflets, Brochures, Letters / Stationery
A5148 x 210mmFlyers, Leaflets
A6105 x 148mmPostcards, Flyers, Leaflets
A774 x 105mmFlyers, Appointment Cards

Business Cards

In addition to the A sizes, where print is concerned the other common size that we are always asked about is business cards. The standard for UK business cards is 85x55mm .

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