Design and Print Tips

Paper Sizes

“A” what? Know your A0 from A4 paper sizes

By Mark Mundin / 22/11/2021
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Paper sizes for print Most people are familiar with the most common paper sizes from filling up the home printer or the office copier, we’ve all seen a pack of…

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Business Card Tips

Three tips for an effective business card

By Mark Mundin / 07/08/2020
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The humble business card is possibly still the first and last thing that any potential client will see to remember you by, so here are three tips to make your…

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Limited Company Print

Are you Ltd print legal?

By Mark Mundin / 25/11/2019
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Did you know that if you are trading as a Limited Company then as well as the normal rules about Company Returns and Accounts there are also things to do…

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Branding your images

Have you thought about branding your images?

By Emily Baxter / 29/10/2019
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There are many websites where you can get stock images for your Social Media posts, Pexels and are a couple of my favourites. But if you really want to…

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Typefaces and Fonts

Limit your typefaces and keep it in the family

By Mark Mundin / 02/04/2019
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The human eye finds it difficult to read multiple typefaces, so we advise clients to stay with a simple collection of fonts, or a family of fonts. If a design…

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