‘Should I Still be Marketing?’ Why this isn’t the Question you Should be Asking.

Marketing Questions

‘Should I Still be Marketing?’ Why this isn’t the Question you Should be Asking.

Marketing Questions

If there’s one question we’re being asked multiple times a day right now, it’s ‘Should I still be marketing?’ I’d like to address that in this blog and give a very honest albeit opinion-based, answer.

I think we’ll all agree that we all have a lot on our plates right now. In times like these, everyone is focused on the same subject and asking the same questions. That’s fine – but I need to vent/rant on the topic of whether you should stop marketing during the CoviCrisis. I’m very aware this article might offend a few people along the way, and that is not my intention. So, before I begin, I’d like to ask that you read this knowing I have your best interests at heart.

Should we still be marketing in this time of crisis is an absolutely ridiculous question! Because yes, of course, you should! I am shrieking and swearing and jumping up and down like a mad thing as I write this. Why on earth would you stop marketing? Surely, the only reason to stop marketing is that you’re going out of business, because you’ve already given up and shut your doors (or plan to shut your doors).

People ask us if they should continue to market in a crisis, but what they’re really asking is for permission to sell. The question they’re asking is ‘Should I be selling?’ They’re worried they might be seen as profiteering in a time of crisis.

For years, there has been a battle to try and get people to see sales and marketing as not being completely separate entities. We’ve even started to see the use of the word ‘Smarketing’! (True story – look it up!) My point is that now when it suits us, we’re quite happy to use the word Marketing where we would usually be using sales. It really is so frustrating!

I would suggest that if you’ve asked the question ‘Should I still be marketing?’ You probably used the wrong words. What you were probably actually asking was one of the following:

How can my brand give value right now?

Think about what your audience needs – answer their questions and give them the support they’d get from you in person but translate that into blogs, videos and social media content (including Live videos).

How do I feed my pipeline? (So I have a chance of bouncing back when the time comes!)

Do you have a lead magnet on your website? Or do you have lead magnets? Now is the time to write that eBook or guide you’ve been talking about and not had time to do. Is there something in your offering you can create a micro version of, and offer out to your audience for a limited period of time?

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Do I need to change the tone of voice in my marketing?

We never promote a hard-sell approach anyway, but if that’s been you to date, this will need to be toned down. If you’re OTT with the jokes and memes, you need to scale that back too and create more empathy in your content. Review things often, what was right yesterday when you scheduled that Facebook post may not be right this evening! Consider your tone through the eyes of your audience and adjust where appropriate.

I have a caveat to that though; whatever your style, please don’t try to be someone you’re not!

What changes do I need to make to my marketing strategy?

Do you change the frequency of your posting? Adjust the objectives of your Facebook or Instagram account? Refocus your blog? Do you need to stop those paid ads or pause your SMS sequence? Do you need to pivot and promote a lower ticket product or service? As an example, we’re reopening our guest blogger book. (Think you have something to offer that would benefit our audience? Let me know!)

What do I need to do so my brand doesn’t get forgotten about?

You need to NOT stop Marketing!

And finally – Should I be selling?

Imagine a world where no one sold anything for the next 3 months, 6 months, or however long this covid-cacophony lasts for. What does the world look like for you then? What will the economy look like? To be in business and not ‘sell’ is ludicrous. This is why marketing is so important. You need to be actively gathering your leads, nurturing them, taking them through your sales process, keeping them on board with you so that when we’re all allowed to go out to play again, we can make those calls, have those meetings and get those signatures on dotted lines.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s possible you might come under fire for selling if your approach is aggressive – but I’d hope you’ve read enough of our content to know that isn’t the right approach to have on social media and through your content anyway!

P.S. I hate the buzzwords that we’re seeing everywhere right now, and there are certain words that are making me want to scream because EVERYONE is using them. “In this unprecedented time, we need to ensure we thrive and survive…” Seriously. We need some new words! That said, I want my business and yours to be here for weeks, months and years to come. Keep the questions coming – tell us how we can help you. Communicate with us via Social Media, leave a comment on this blog, or talk to on the phone or live chat.

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