The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Recruiters


The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Recruiters


If you are working in the world of recruitment then ignoring social media is simply not an option. You’ve been living in a candidate-short world for several years now and the current trends are to use social media to identify, attract and engage those elusive passive candidates. But where do you start? How about the Ultimate Social Media Guide For Recruiters.

The 2019 update.

The guide was originally created a couple of years ago after a call from the lovely Michelle of Candidate Source fame. Michelle asked us if we had a checklist for all social platforms that had been written specifically for Recruiters. We had checklists that were general use, but not specifically for Recruiters – so we got to work! The first edition of the Ultimate Social Media Guide for Recruiters was focused on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The 2019 version sees the addition of Instagram, information on Google My Business, Stories, and more!

What does the guide include?

We’ve put together a daily task list for recruiters and recruitment business owners to help source and nurture potential clients and passive candidates. By completing the tasks described in the guide, you can achieve the regular activity you need to build an engaged audience and attract your target audience.

What is the cost?

Nothing! If you feel like the resource is of value, head over to Facebook or Google and leave us a review!

I really hope you find this Guide of use. If you’re not sure what any of the tasks within the Guide mean, then please feel free to jump on our live chat on the website and one of the team will happily explain.

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