Testing A Third Party Scheduling Tool on Facebook

Scheduling Facebook Posts

Is it a myth that Facebook penalise businesses for using a third party scheduling tool? We inadvertently tested this theory with a client who had recently purchased a marketing tool that essentially makes life easier for a busy Entrepreneur. At the beginning of each month, all they had to do was select a marketing campaign, press a button and the campaign runs for the full month. It schedules all branded content directly into Facebook, and on paper it sounds amazing! The content is engaging – with both branded and professional photos. Everything that we would encourage our clients to do! However, there was one problem. When tested against native posts, these marketing posts reached only half of the audience! To be fair there was only a small audience to begin with, but it still seemed to be quite a shocking statistic.

What Is the solution?
My client will now have to copy and paste the marketing content directly into facebook and schedule from there, adding a further step into a busy schedule. On the plus side, they were pleased that due to attending coaching with us they were able to discover this and not lose out on the reach of campaigns going forward.

For future reference to our clients, it is always worth checking with us or at least testing posts out if you have also invested in a similar marketing tool, and make sure you are checking your analytics on a weekly basis. If you are unsure how to check your analytics, please speak to your Coach.

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