Top 10 most read marketing articles in 2023 from the GU Blog

10 best blogs of 2023-web

Top 10 most read marketing articles in 2023 from the GU Blog

10 best blogs of 2023-web

It's almost Christmas, and many of you will be disappearing already to spend a few extra days taking a well-earned break. So rather than sharing a new idea that you potentially won't have time to get excited about, I thought I'd share with you some of the reflections I've been doing on what's worked this year. Knowing what to put into our content strategy next year means understanding what you, our audience, have found most useful this year, what was most searched for, most viewed, and most read - so here you go! The top 10 most-read marketing articles from the Green Umbrella blog are...

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Why Uploading Your YouTube Video to Facebook is a Bad Idea!

Originally published in 2020, this blog is still proving very popular.

How do I know if I'm Posting too Often on Social Media?

One of the most asked questions... how often should I be posting? Making the top 10 for the second year running, this article answers it for you.

The Five Main Key Elements of Creating a Video

If you're not using video as part of your marketing strategy, START NOW!

10 Positive Social Media Accounts you should Follow Right Now

Ok, this is an old blog! Evidence that your articles aren't always one-hit wonders!

Multiple Text Option Facebook Ads - How to use them

Another article from 2020, this blog is still proving popular - although, it's probably time to update it **adds to To-Do list**

Extrovert or Introvert: Where Does Your Energy Come From?

Written by our lovely client and friend, Lynn Rose, MD at Personnel Selection.


From deep depths of the blog vault, this article was originally published in 2018 **adds another re-write to the list**

Email Marketing Creates Sales

Email is not dead! With 78% of marketers seeing an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months according to a Hubspot report, email marketing is as important as ever.

My LinkedIn Account Was Compromised

"Your account has been restricted" - our worst nightmare! Another golden oldie from 2017...this To-Do list is getting longer as we go on! 

Take a look at my threads

It's no surprise that the new kid on the block was in the top 10.

So there you have it - the most read marketing articles from the blog this year! What does it tell me?

Firstly, I need to revisit some of the older blogs and bring them up to date!

Secondly, with the 10 positive accounts to follow and the introvert/extrovert articles both making the list, it tells me we're looking to grow our confidence and manage what we see in our feeds.

And lastly, (looking further down the list) people are still keen to know if email marketing works. I cannot stress enough how effective email is. Make sure you're driving your audience off your socials in to your email lists!

Right, I'll be right back...I've got a few articles to repurpose!

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