All Talk and Not Enough Listening

All Talk and Not Enough Listening

It’s very easy to get carried away just posting content on to your social media platform and then logging off straight away. That’s not very sociable is it now?

Would you walk into a room full of people, talk at them, and then walk out again? No, you wouldn’t! It’s the same with Social Media.

Engage with your audience

As part of your daily process, you need to make sure that you are checking through your feed and engaging with your audience – just liking a post doesn’t count. You need to be talking to them and commenting on their posts. You need to take the time to listen to your audience.

So next time you log on to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram, make sure you scroll through your feed and engage with people.

If you’re struggling with engaging with your audience on Social Media and need some guidance or a 121-coaching session, please contact your coach, or to find out more about the Coaching Club please visit:

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