‘Hey Good Looking… What you got Cooking?’ – How appealing is your LinkedIn profile?


‘Hey Good Looking… What you got Cooking?’ – How appealing is your LinkedIn profile?


LinkedIn has announced that it is phasing out some key features, including carousel posts, its in-image linking option, and profile videos. That last one got me thinking – when did I last audit my LinkedIn profile? I look at mine quite often to be fair as I use it as an example when I’m speaking or delivering LinkedIn training. I know what needs changing and updating already because of this – so let me ask you… when did you last look at yours and audit your LinkedIn profile? Is the information and content still relevant and engaging?

How appealing is your LinkedIn profile?

First impressions count. Your LinkedIn profile is your shop window, and you need to make sure it’s current, relevant, and, most importantly, appealing to anyone who may stumble across it. If you’re focused on building your personal brand, this is essentially your personal brand landing page so it has to do its job of representing you well!

Here are a few tips to make sure your profile stands out from the rest.

YOUR LinkedIn profile summary

Think of it as an elevator pitch. Who are you, what do you stand for, and why should they Connect with you or hit that follow button?

Remember, people buy from people. Show up as who you are. Of all the other people on LinkedIn I could reach out to, what makes you so special? Whether it’s something you say or the tone you use – this is your opportunity to give me a taste of your personality and your values. Depending on your business, this could be light-hearted, professional, or more corporate. Whatever your approach – don’t be afraid to bring your whole self!

As time goes on, you can always update your summary, making it more relevant and more ‘you’. Remember to review it regularly.


One final thing (for now), and this is where the title comes in…Don’t forget your profile picture! This isn’t an online dating profile. It isn’t Facebook. We don’t need selfies. Leave the pouting and the peace signs for other platforms. Choose an image that represents you in a more professional manner. A headshot is ideal, one where we can see your face and make sure it’s a profile view! It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? A previous client of ours whose profile picture (as fab as it was) was side-on had issues when she got caught out using naughty automation tools and lost access to her account. LinkedIn could not recognise her when needed to confirm her identity! Getting the profile back was a long and painful process!

Linkedin Profile Coourse

Other THINGS TO THINK ABOUT when you audit youR LinkedIn profile

  1. If you uploaded an image for your profile header previously, how is it looking now? We have seen several people that needed to reposition theirs or update the photo to something more recent – go take a look, is your profile header working for you?!? Check different screens, desktop and mobile. If you need to rethink your image (or if you need to add one for the first time) we recommend using photographic images or repeating patterns and minimal text.
  2. Is your featured section still relevant? You know what it’s like; we live in a busy world, and it’s easy to forget what you’ve put in your featured section. Maybe there was that blog, that course, or an employee post you wanted to shout out. Is it still relevant? Does it need reviewing or replacing? Make it part of your to-do list to check every now and again.

But that’s not all…

There are a few things you need to consider when creating or reviewing your LinkedIn profile, but I won’t share them all right now. After all, I’m not about to give all my secrets away – where’s the fun in that? Check out the short course, How To Perfect Your Personal LinkedIn Profile. It covers everything you should do to make sure your shop window shines!

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