Have you thought about branding your images?

Branding your images

There are many websites where you can get stock images for your Social Media posts, Pexels and StockSnap.io are a couple of my favourites. But if you really want to push your marketing to the next level, then one way of doing this is to add your branding to the stock images that you share. Here at Green Umbrella Marketing, we have created templates for each Social Media platform using Photoshop. If you want to know the ideal template size for each platform, then make sure you download our “Image Size Cheat Sheet” from the “Goodies” page on our website. When branding your images, it can be as simple as adding your logo in the corner, or alternatively, you might want to add a border,
or maybe a shape as well as your logo.

Another thing to think about is your font. If you want to share a customer testimonial, or maybe a motivational quote, then you can create a branded template for this as well.



Image cheat sheet

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