Instagram Pinned Comments

Instagram Pinned comments

Did you know that you can now pin up to three comments on your Instagram posts?

This is a recent change that Instagram has made to the platform to help limit any bullying within the app. As long as you have the latest version, it’s straightforward to do. Find a comment that you would like to pin and then swipe left, select the pin option, once you have done this, the comment will appear just below your post with the wording “Pinned” shown underneath. To unpin the post, simply swipe left again, select the pin option and then select “Unpin”.

It will be interesting to see how businesses use this new feature. You could run a competition, where the best comment is pinned, or perhaps pin your own comment that includes a memorable link. Either way, it’s bound to increase engagement, so we’ll have to see if it takes off!

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