Amanda’s Top Stats for February

Data Davies February 2021

Congratulations, you made it to February! Whilst January might have felt 67 weeks long; my data sources tell me it was just the usual 31 days.

We’re still marketing in a somewhat unknown environment with no clear picture of when lockdown will lift. However, as always there are some juicy data and stats around which can help drive our marketing activities.

➡️ If you (or your bosses!) are still in any doubt about the power of social media, these sites rank in the top 5 of the most visited websites in the world

➡️ YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter generate the most traffic, ranking in that order, and only behind Google, which takes the number one spot

➡️ Humour still firmly has a place on our social feeds despite the bad news that dominates the headlines. Use of memes rose 26% between 2019 and 2020 – who doesn’t like a wry smile in their day!

➡️ Along with humour, as consumers, we want to see brands ‘keeping it real’ on social media, with 90% of us craving authenticity in posts

➡️ Social media is also a go-to for customer service with nearly 3 in 10 of us using it to communicate with a company

➡️ Stories in social media continue to grow, daily active users story users on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp all reached 500 million

➡️ Mid-morning remains one of the best times to post on social media with the 11 am to 12-noon spot generating good engagement

Keep going with your marketing activities and remember to keep an eye on your own data in the background! Just think the next Data Davies will be in only four weeks and it will be spring!

Data Sources: Visual Capitalist, Social Media Today, Oberlo

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