Do You Update Your Pinned Posts Regularly?

Do you pin your posts regularly

Here at Green Umbrella, we always recommend that you get into the habit of this at least once a week. Imagine you click onto a business’s social media profile, and the post at the very top of the page is dated six months ago.

While some of us will know to keep scrolling, others who might not use social media regularly, may click off the page straight away and assume that it isn’t used very often. Whether you are on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, the process to update your pinned post is very similar!

On both LinkedIn and Facebook, click the three dots at the top right of the post that you want to pin and select “Pin to top” on LinkedIn and “Pin to top of page” on Facebook. On Twitter click the small down arrow (again at the top right of the Tweet you want to pin) and select “Pin to your profile”.

Always make sure that your pinned post links back to your website, as after all, that’s where you want to send your customers.

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