Invite Connections To Follow Your Linkedin Business Page

Invite connections to linkedin business page

Are you utilising this feature on Linkedin? Technically it is an old feature that disappeared, but recently, Linkedin announced that it would be returning, and everyone who has admin access on a Business Page on Linkedin will be able to use the feature.

This feature is very handy if you are looking for more followers on your Business Page, but don’t over use it! There are meant to be restrictions on the number of people that you invite to follow, and, once you have invited a person and they decline, you can’t invite them again – This is to prevent spamming! For the accounts that I manage in the office, I have taken a slower approach, and I am inviting 3 to 5 people a day.

How do I use it?

As soon as you open up the business page, you can currently see a column on the right-hand side called ‘Invite Connections to Follow’ with three suggested people underneath and a button to invite them. You are also able to access this feature via the Admin Tools Menu.

If you are not using this feature and need some guidance or a 121-coaching session, please contact your coach, or to find out more about the Coaching Club please visit:

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