How do I get more followers?

Get more followers

This is a question that crops up a lot in coaching sessions. In most occasions it’s one of the first questions. 

I always have two responses:

1. Are you consistently posting engaging content? 

2. Are you having conversations with the people/

businesses that you are following? 

The answers to these questions are always a resounding NO. I liken it to walking into a networking event and expecting everyone in the room to chat to you without any input of your own and then totally blanking everyone after that. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that you can’t talk to everyone, but you can chat to a select few. It’s the same with your social media. Organic followers don’t happen overnight, you need to work at it, just as you need to work at networking. You need to post content that will engage your audience, and make them want to talk to you more, but you also need to be chatting in a non-salesy way, and sharing your knowledge to the people or businesses that matter to you too. This in turn will increase your following, because you will start to get noticed by people who are looking for your expertise or knowledge. 

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