Is your email list converting?


Is your email list converting?


It’s no secret that one of the most important elements of a social media marketing plan is getting your audience off a platform and into your email list. That’s a challenge in itself and something I’ve discussed in previous articles over the years. The issue is that even when you’ve cracked that one, you’re presented with a new challenge – getting your email list converting! There are a lot of things that can affect how well your email list converts. Here are a few points for you to consider and take action on.

Offer valuable content – regularly!

Do you know how often I come across a business that has started building a list and hasn’t ever used it? It happens most weeks! Even if your list has minimum numbers, use it. From the second a subscriber is added, that data is slowly dying so make use of it. Your subscribers have no idea how many people your emailing so don’t get hung up on numbers.

Send valuable content so your subscribers are trained to know that when they see you in their inbox, it’s something for them and not just another sales message. I’d aim to send an email at least once a week and apply the 80-20 rule. 20% of your emails are sales messages, 80% are value-based communications.

If you don’t use it, or you spam it – you’ll stop your email list converting.

Learn the art of implementing a marketing strategy that works

Direct email subscribers to Landing Pages

In the emails you send to your list, you’ll likely include a call to action. Many of these will direct people back to a webpage. Personally, I promote making the most use of your actual website and directing your clicks there; for some of you, this might not be the best option. If you’ve got a busy website, it can be a distraction from the subscriber making the conversion you wanted them to! Stand-alone landing pages are simple and distraction-free.

If you want to increase conversions from your list, follow the journey through click by click. What’s the experience for the user? (Make sure to check this on mobile too!)

Get your subscribers together!

Hosting an event, whether online or offline, is a great way to get your subscribers into a different environment. It could be as simple as a webinar-style event; it doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Bringing your audience closer to you allows you to develop stronger relationships with them. Building rapport is key in the art of sales and conversions!

Personalise and segment your email communications

There’s sometimes a belief that the more emails you send, the more likely you are to convert. That isn’t the case I’m afraid. You’re more likely to get the conversions you’re looking for when you send fewer emails to specific subscribers. Knowing your data allows you to send emails that are personalised and, therefore, relevant to the person receiving the email. This will also help with the deliverability of your marketing emails too as your recipients will be far more likely to open them!

What else can I do to keep my email list converting?

I’ve given you a few ideas, and these are things I’d love to dig into with you! In addition, you may want to look at how you’re getting people onto your list, who you’re getting, how your social media campaigns align with your email marketing campaigns and how you optimise your landing pages. The main thing will always be to ensure you’re using the list and keeping it clean and tidy!

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