Are you remembering to share your posts on Linkedin?

Are you sharing your LinkedIn content?

Pam’s Coaching Tip…

We all know that you can happily post on your LinkedIn Business page and share from there onto your Personal Linkedin Page, but, did you know that you can share posts from your Personal Page onto your Business Page? This is a question that is often raised in my coaching sessions.

LinkedIn Company Pages

You must tag your business page in the post when you create it!

Note: you can’t edit the post and add it in later, this will not work. Once you have tagged the business page in to your personal post, a notification will then appear on the business page, it is from this notification that you will have the ability to share the post on your business page. If you don’t get a notification, then the process has not worked.

If you are unsure how to tag your business on LinkedIn, then contact your Coach or post in the Coaching Facebook Group and we will guide you.

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