Brand New Blogging Strategy for 2016


Have you been hearing the phrase, “Don't build your property on other people's land?” – There are only two things that you can control online and that is your website and your email list. Social media platforms are changing the rules almost daily and new networking sites are coming and going. My mindset has always been “use social media as a springboard to drive traffic to your website and increase your subscription list, but never rely on this method of marketing your business as you never know when the plug is going to be pulled…. until recently….

Last week I was listening to Social Media Examiner's excellent podcast Is blogging dead, building your content on rented land. He was interviewing Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer, who are both respected social media and online marketing gurus.

They were saying that content marketing is changing and that we are being forced to produce original and unique content on other social networking sites, rather than our own website.  I disagree with this for reasons listed in the opening paragraph, however it certainly did make me think about the distribution of the content to our social media sites.  We have now implemented a new process for article distribution as follows:

Step 1 – The article/blog is originally written on our website.

(Ensuring that we have added images, calls to action, related articles, author bios, relevant hyperlinks etc).  At this stage, we ask our designer to recreate the images in numerous formats so that we can produce the content on the different platforms for maximum exposure.

Step 2 – Send out to social

We then post the article via “link” format onto the various social media channels.  We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Step 3 –  Conduct a Google search

Three days later we then search Google to make sure that the content is indexed, and appears in a Google search.

Step 4 – Upload the article to Medium.

Publish the article on Medium, which is an online blogging and article publication platform – simply use the import button, and it gives a link back to your original article.


Step 4 – Add to LinkedIn Publisher

Add the article to LinkedIn Publisher (with a note at the bottom to say original article was here…)

Step 5 – Add the article to Facebook notes on the company page.

This is a fairly new revamped feature for business pages.  To add a note, simply click on the status update area, offers + events, add note.

FB notes

Step 6 –  Add to our Social Media Buckets

The article will then be uploaded to our social media ongoing strategy (if it is not time sensitive, and the content is received well online).

When Twitter launch their 10,000 character count, we will also be adding the native blog to Twitter directly, as well as posting the links to the original blog for extra leverage in the Twitter smart algorithm.

What is your process for blogging?

I believe that things are changing at such a rapid rate that we need to embrace the changes or we will get left behind.

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