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Social Media Trends for 2024 – It’s all going to be about strategy! 

There will be no standing still in 2024 when it comes to marketing and to navigate this, everything will come back to strategy!

Marketing in 2023 – I didn’t see that coming!

Blimey 2023 has been quite the year for all things marketing! I made a few predictions for what the year had in store and, as I do each year, it’s time to reflect on those to uncover whether I was right or not! I’ll let you decide on that one. What I can tell you is there have been a few things I did not predict – and there are lessons in that!

Blog image. xAI - what the Grok is this?

xAI – What the ‘Grok’ is this?

Get ready to meet Elon Musk’s latest big idea…Grok! The AI Chatbot hoping to take on the big names such as ChatGPT, WriteSonic etc.

Blog image: Strategy vs Tactics

Strategy vs Tactics

There’s a difference between social media strategy and social media tactics. An awesome strategy will supercharge your tactical efforts.

Instagram 6 point content plan

Top 5 Content Ideas for Your Instagram Feed

These 5 Things Will Help You Create An Instagram Feed That Is Distinctive Let’s face it, like it or love it, Instagram is an important marketing tool that you should be taking advantage of. Not only can it help you to increase the reach of your business, but it’s also a social platform where more…

The most useful marketing tools of 2023 (So far)

The Most Useful Marketing Tools Used in 2023 (So Far)

Marketing tools can significantly enhance your marketing efforts by helping you streamline tasks, gain insights, improve your strategy and overall by using the right marketing tools you can save yourself a lot of time. 

Halloween Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

We all know that an effective marketing strategy can leave a lasting impression. However, beware! Here are a few of our Halloween themed marketing dos & don’ts

What Email Marketing Campaigns Should I Send?

Email marketing is a topic of conversation that keeps popping up this week! Always a good sign that it’s something I should be writing about here on the blog! If I were to summarise the conversations I’ve had, it’s simple. We’re all sick of seeing those highly Americanised marketing emailers that offer sleazy sales messages.…

How to measure success on Facebook

How to Measure Success on Facebook

With all the effort and energy going into Facebook, it is essential that we can define and quantify success in a meaningful way.

Should I set up Twitter….Errr…X for my business?

Should I set up Twitter….errr…X for my business?

Help! I’m not very tech savvy and Social Media is a bit of a mystery to me so should I set up Twitter / X for my business?

Is your email list converting?

There are a lot of things that can affect how well your email list converts. Here are a few points for you to consider and take action on.

Rec Expo Birmingham 2023

Will I see you at the Recruitment Agency Expo?

It’s that time of year again! The summer has drawn to a close, and Autumn is starting to rise from its slumber. That means it’s time for us to head to Birmingham for the Autumn Recruitment Agency Expo at the NEC.

As always there are a bunch of people speaking over the two days, all with exceptional value to share. Here are the ones I’m determined not to miss!

How To Use TikTok As A Recruitment Tool

How To Use TikTok As A Recruitment Tool

Recruitment has become digitally connected, so staying ahead of the curve is essential. Traditional platforms like LinkedIn and job boards remain vital, but an emerging ...
Will You Recommend Us?

How To Get Reviews And Recommendations For Your Business

Why is it, we all find it so hard to ask for praise? Even in a professional capacity? Gathering online recommendations is an ideal way ...
Email Marketing Blog

The Anatomy of an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Effective Email Marketing Campaign After years of split testing and experimenting with layouts and key features, we are able to share with you our recipe ...
5 Reasons To Use TikTok

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using TikTok

The social media landscape is competitive. The platforms on offer rival each other in terms of where you should invest your time and efforts, and ...
Is Your Content Standing Out Or Bombing Out?


You can hack the algorithm as much as you like on LinkedIn; however bad content is just bad content. With so many posting options available ...
Facebook Strategies That Catapult Success

Facebook Marketing Strategies That Catapult Success

The Facebook marketing strategies we've been sharing as a business since we launched in 2010 have most definitely changed over that time! Meta consistently looks ...
Best time to post on social media blog

The Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2024

There I am, standing on a stage after delivering what I believe to be the most important thing people need to know or understand when ...
Navigating a general election blog

Navigating a General Election – Marketing Strategies for UK Business

If standing out marketing-wise when you’re going up against coverage of the UEFA Euros 2024 and Wimbledon this summer weren’t enough, we’ve now also got ...
Outsourcing social media vs AI Content Creation

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing vs. AI Content Creation

Let’s face it - businesses are constantly vying for attention and engagement on social media platforms, so the question of how to effectively manage content ...

How to Generate Social Media Leads without becoming a Slave to Content!

What if I told you there was an opportunity to hang out with me where I'd show you how you can find easy-to-convert social media ...
Speak to your audience

Multi-Generational Social Media Marketing – How to speak to everyone in your audience on social media

2024 is the year of learning curves to ensure you’re reaching the right people, especially for those of you marketing in the B2B space. It’s ...
Christina on a green background holding her phone

How To Use WhatsApp As A Marketing Tool

Are you using WhatsApp? I imagine most of you are, given that it is now one of the most used social apps across the world ...