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Keeping Video Simple - 5 tips for your business videos

Keeping video simple – Five tips for your business

At the risk of stating the obvious, companies are constantly looking for ways to talk to their potential clients and customers more effectively, and it’s fair to say that we all now recognise that using video is one of the best ways to reach out in today’s world.

Unfortunately, a lot of these videos could be much better if they followed a few simple rules.

TikTok engagement

Help! My TikTok isn’t getting any engagement!

Help! My TikTok isn’t getting any engagement! In Dear Nicole this month, Nicole gives some tips to help increase engagement on TikTok.

Digital Health Check

Is it time you had a Digital Health Check?

As we prepare to get back into things following the summer holiday period and we’re seeing all those back-to-school messages, the astute marketer in you is probably realising that there isn’t long before you start thinking about your 2024 marketing plans – I know, scary, isn’t it?

The first step in doing that really is to review the current landscape and where you are right now.


Embracing JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out

Just like you, I’m living in a world that’s constantly online, where every second is potentially shared, liked, or retweeted. Where the constant notifications mean having the opportunity to switch off fully feels at times impossible. It’s a world where the idea of “JOMO” – the Joy of Missing Out – brings a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Email Marketing Creates Sales

Email Marketing Creates Sales

Email marketing is something we’ve always encouraged clients to do as it’s massively effective. Reaching your database in their inboxes is powerful and something to be leveraged. I was talking to a client earlier this week and the response I received was ‘ Yeah, I’m not sure email marketing’s for us.’ – That’s what sparked this article. Email marketing is for all businesses, there are no two ways around it.

Help! How do I get the most from Instagram stories?

Help! How do I get the most from Instagram stories?

Help! How do I get the most from Instagram stories? Nicole gives some ideas how to make the most of stories in this month’s “Dear Nicole”

Facebook Marketing strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies That Catapult Success

Facebook marketing strategies that catapult success. If you’re using Facebook for business purposes, here are some critical do’s and don’ts!

Design Rules for non- designers

Design Rules for Non-Designers

Here are five tips for non-designers to help you present your brand correctly and make your marketing stand out…for the right reasons!

Take a look at my new Threads

Take a look at my new threads

Will Threads be the new kid on the block that wipes Twitter out? I have my thoughts as you’d expect! It certainly has the potential!

How to use social media to fill a webinar

How To Use Social Media to Fill a Webinar

If you’re thinking about running a webinar or wondering how you can improve the results your getting for webinars you run already, here are some quick points to show you how to effectively market your webinar.

When is the best time to post on instagram?

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

When is the best time to post on Instagram? Nicole gives us the low down on the best times to post on Instagram in this month’s “Dear Nicole”.


Digital Marketing Lingo – It Can Be Confusing TBH

When you made a plan to jump in the deep end and take your digital marketing to the next level – you probably didn’t expect to have to start learning the lingo!

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Facebook Marketing in 2024

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Speak to your audience

Multi-Generational Social Media Marketing – How to speak to everyone in your audience on social media

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2024 - It's time to thrive

2024 – It’s time to thrive

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