Build A Sales Ladder And Sell Up

Build A Sales Ladder And Sell Up

Quick Win Number 7 from the popular book Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing by sales growth expert Jackie Jarvis.

“Taking one small step at a time makes the climb to the top far easier”

A Sales Ladder is a series of steps created to enable your customer to buy from you comfortably and easily.

The easy steps enable you to build trust with your customer and to gradually encourage them to buy more from you.

It is a way of presenting what you are offering in stages, in order to help your customer engage with you at pace and a price that is right for them.

Quick Questions

What steps does a customer need to take to engage with and buy from you?

Do you have an easy first engagement step?

Winning Formula

First free step

Your Sales Ladder starts with an easy, free step to build trust in the relationship. This could be anything from a review of an element of your potential customers’ business, to a health check, or a brainstorming session.

This free step is also your first opportunity to have a sales conversation. During this conversation you will have the opportunity to understand your client’s needs, and to help educate them to make an informed decision about taking the next step up your Sales Ladder.

Initial piece of paid work

The second rung of your ladder should be a piece of paid work in order to prepare your customer for the next stage of the process. It could be a Discovery Workshop to enable full scoping of a bigger project, a fuller review of needs, or a plan of action to solve a particular problem.

This initial piece of paid work is your customers’ first commitment. From this you can prove your value and build more trust.

Longer term retainer or full package

The next rung of the ladder involves commitment to a longer-term plan. It could be an ongoing retainer for a certain number of days per month, a full project implementation, or a complete package of client services.

Additional value-add services

Further rungs up the ladder may involve adding additional services such as a Maintenance or Service contract, or a pay-as-you-go package which the customer only has access to after making a longer term commitment.

Top price, Top Value

At the top of your Sales Ladder is your ‘Rolls Royce’ offering. This is your best offering, your top price, and top value package. Add in as much additional value as you can. This level might involve some personal time with you and the Director of the company.

This offering can be aimed at customers who want to take the ‘fast track’ – they have the budget and want the benefits now, jumping straight from the first rung of the Sales Ladder.

Design your own ladder

Take the Sales Ladder concept and design one specifically to suit your business. You may have a lower price option which requires commitment from the customer over a longer period of time, or a higher priced option for a shorter-term commitment. Give your customers a choice.

Sell up and sell more

To be able to sell up and sell more to your customers, you need to have worked through how your offering is structured, what you want your customer to buy from you, and at what stage in the buying process.

Quick Success

A CRM company delivers an initial education workshop as a free first step on their Sales Ladder. This leads to step two, which is a paid-for Discovery Workshop to scope the project more fully. Step three is full commitment to the project implementation and step four is a series of training workshops to enable the team and the company to get the best out of their CRM system.

A PR and social media company delivers an initial free consultation to establish their social media and PR goals. During this time, they educate the customer about what is possible to achieve with the right strategy. The next rung of the ladder is an initial commitment to a bespoke Strategy Planning Session and a 3-month implementation plan. This then moves on to a longer- term retainer with built-in monthly review meetings. They also have a ‘Rolls Royce' offering which incorporates consultancy from the top creative director in the company.

A cash and credit control company delivers a confidential cash flow health check as the initial first free step. This leads to a quick win piece of work to secure outstanding debts, and then onto a paid piece of work to set up systems & management reporting procedures and to train the team. The fourth rung of the ladder is a retained monthly meeting to deliver management information and to provide consultancy services. The ‘Rolls Royce' offering is the complete outsourced service.

Quick Action

• Design your own sales ladder

• Create a ‘Rolls Royce' package at top price, adding in as much highly perceived value as you can.

• Ask more customers to climb up the ladder

Next Step

If you would like some help designing and creating your own sales ladder and sales process to help you to convert more of your leads into sales and long-term customers, please email Jackie at

If you would like to order a copy of Jackie’s book ‘Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing’ please either go to Amazon or if you are in the UK and want a personally signed copy with free postage go to and order a copy directly from the author.

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