Serendipity – How I Got Where I Am Today


I am often asked how I got to where I am today, and I have to say that much of it is due to living life in ‘flow’ and serendipity.

2012 – National Sales Director for Athena

In 2012 I was the National Sales Director for Athena – sourcing, recruiting and training new Directors, co-running Regional Director Development days and the Annual Athena Conference.

At the 2012 Athena conference, Michelle Clarke of Talent Dynamics was our speaker, and I sat next to her at dinner the night before, and we really hit it off. When she spoke the next day, I was blown away by her and the profiling/business development tool she was talking about.

I decided to train with her and immediately profiled my Athena members and ran full day workshops to help delegates really connect with their natural strengths and understand how to live a much more productive and fulfilling life in ‘Flow.'

The feedback and impact were fantastic, and I started to run in-house team development days, which I have been running ever since with great effect. The day is all about ensuring the right people are in the right role doing the right things for all the right reasons and the business runs like a well-oiled machine with happy, engaged people and a productive and profitable business.

Global Partner with Talent Dynamics

I was quickly invited to become a Global Partner with Talent Dynamics (now The Entrepreneurs Institute), and I trained to train the trainers, so I now train and accredit others to profile and debrief clients.

I decided to really apply the knowledge of my profile to my life and as a ‘Star’ profile, I should be in front of an audience as much as possible – that’s when I am fully in ‘Flow’.

Serendipity struck again in the form of an Invitation from neuroscientist, Dr. Lynda Shaw, to Reading PSA (Professional Speaking Association) in 2013. Once again I was blown away – this time by the caliber of the speakers and the dynamic community, so I joined and have been a professional member and regular attendee ever since.

I also started to visit London PSA where I get to hang out with, listen to and learn from some of the best speakers in the world.

Wanting to test out my profile to the limit, I put myself forward to speak on the London Stage in front of my peers  – that was by far the most challenging gig of my speaking career.

I received wonderful feedback and bookings to deliver Talent Dynamics sessions to CEO groups in London, which have led to further in-house team sessions with several of the CEOs.

The Professional speaking circuit

I am now a paid speaker on the Professional speaking circuit and loving ever minute of being fully in ‘Flow’. Topics I love to speak on include –

  • How to Unlock Your True Potential By Playing To Your Strengths
  • How To Stand Out From The Crowd By Developing A Powerful Personal Presence
  • How to Network Your Way To Success
  • How to Present with Power, Passion, and Presence

I am also teaching others to speak with confidence and conviction and have just launched my 2nd book in the ‘From Now to WOW’ series – 30 Top Tips on Presenting With Power, Passion, and Presence.


My first book in the series was launched in 2014 while I was running a series of impactful workshops on developing a Powerful Personal Presence  – again, 30 Top Tips – designed to be an easy read with a tip a day to apply right away.

Before I launched these workshops, I researched extensively on previous work around ‘Charisma’ and ’Presence’ and came across the work of Charisma guru, Nikki Owen, who has studied and trained in Charisma for over 30 years.

I loved everything she wrote; it really resonated with everything I believed and was teaching. I quoted her in my workshops and even in my 1st book.

I really wanted to meet her, but she had stopped running open workshops, so there was no obvious way to get together.

Good old serendipity! I was going to the PSA Conference in October 2014, and I got notification of the attendees the day before, and Nikki Owen was on the list!

I immediately connected with her on LinkedIn and told her how much I loved her work and wanted to meet her, and we arranged to meet the next evening.

Bonding over Prosecco

We bonded over a bottle of Prosecco and have developed a wonderful friendship over the last 18 months. We couldn’t initially see a way we could work together as our offerings appeared too similar, however after being on her two-day retreat, having a full day’s 1-2-1 coaching with her and several more bottles of Prosecco, I am now trained and ready to deliver her one day Corporate Charisma programme.

I am the only person Nikki has entrusted her life’s work to, and I feel really privileged to have this further opportunity to unlock the true potential in individuals and teams.

I am so looking forward to launching ‘The Charisma Connection, The Secret To Engagement’, on April 12th. This is an awesome day including some deep subconscious work and some unique tools to deeply connect each delegate with their inner charisma and to let it shine.


So, ‘serendipity’ has played a huge part in where I am today. However, I also believe you have to play your part and take every opportunity for growth that comes your way.

I am a ‘learning junkie’ and constantly training and adding to my skill set. I believe that a trainer should always be learning and taking on board new knowledge and skills to share with their clients, prospects, and colleagues, and as you do, you are indelibly marked by the incredible people who often cross your pathway and enrich your life.

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